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    Veterinary Radiology Ai

    Ai refers to Artifical Intelligence or Augmented Interpretation. This is the radiograph interpretation resource veterinarians have been looking for. Vetology Ai, veterinary radiology's first and only intelligent image matching software coupled with an extensive radiology database. This online resource is now available to assist veterinarians with comparison radiograph evaluation Worldwide. Using the Vetology Ai resource is easy:
    1. Create or log in to your free Vetology Account
    2. Upload your radiographic images.
    3. Press on the "Apply Image Match" button.
    4. Within 15 seconds you will see up to 30 matched radiographic cases, with reports, to compare to your radiographic study.
    5. Use the matched cases and the associated reports, written by board certified veterinary radiologists, as comparison resources for your case.
    6. For further assistance, watch this video.

    Matched image evaluation is free. Radiology report access to comparison studies starts as low as $2 US per report or $60 per month for unlimited report access. For subscriptions and teleconsulting, Vetology accepts payments (including credit cards) through Paypal.

    Our mission is to assist in veterinary health care by providing rapid and reliable information and interpretations, identified through our computer neural network (Ai). Learn about our Heart Ai.
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      We are veterinary health professionals who recognize the need for information sharing for promoting wellness, disease prevention and early disease detection, in the hope of a better outcome.
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