Vetology Teleconsulting Pricing

Ai Premium: 
Combines Vetology's veterinary team with with our advanced Ai technology. Years of veterinary experience and computer augmented intelligence together delivering veterinary teleconsulting. Written teleconsulting reports starting at $25/case.
Ai Premium Teleconsulting

$25 per Vetologist Ai Consultation

Ai Platinum:
Combines Vetology's board certified veterinary specialty team with our advanced Ai technology. This combination provides the highest level of veterinary teleconsulting available. Have a tough case? Send it to a Vetology veterinary specialist.
Ai Platinum Teleconsulting

$99 per Specialist Ai Consultation

Our mission is to assist in the health care of the veterinary community by providing augmented information and interpretations, identified through data analysis and deep computer learning.
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      Ai refers to Artifical Intelligence or Augmented Interpretation. This is the radiograph interpretation resource veterinarians have been looking for. This online resource is Worldwide.

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