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The Beginning continued...
Vetology's Augmented Interpretation initiative has 3 key phases. After a lot of hard work and blunted fingertips from pounding on keyboards, Phase 1 is now done and available to veterinarians around the world. Right now, Phase 1 is only available on Vetology but we’re looking for others to help support this important initiative. If any of the “big companies” are interested in joining us, we’re only an email away. Phase 1 created veterinary medicine’s first online image database searched by finding visually similar matches. You upload up your image(s) and the computer shows you any matched cases. But images alone don’t always help, so we’ve included the reports to go with the images. Phase 2 gives you the reports associated with the matched images so you can gleen information from the radiologist's report. Phase 3 is still to come. If you feel strongly one way or another about what we’re doing, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at IMPORTANT: This is a resource and not a replacement for a radiologist interpretation of your images. Planned Phases: Phase 1: Augmented Interpretation (AI) through visually similar radiograph matching database. DONE! Phase 2: Automatic image matching so matched images and reports are available immediately after your images are taken. DONE! Phase 3: Streamlined image matching and reporting by breed, species, age, sex and organ system. With your support we can get this done by mid-2018.

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