Many states now mandate that all veterinary hospital workers receive radiation safety training.

The AAVR offers an excellent online training module for veterinary professionals and technical staff to understand and fulfill these two requirements.

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Artificial Intelligence for Pet
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    Vetology® AI, which has been in development since 2017, provides a comprehensive, rapid and affordable resource for veterinarians evaluating patient radiographs and determining necessary medical treatments.
      The AI software developed by Vetology® utilizes artificial neural networks that are trained on known normal and abnormal x-ray images. Through this specialized machine learning process, the software is able to alert a veterinarian to the presence or lack of medical abnormalities without human oversight.
        “Pioneering the creation of this technology for the veterinary industry has been our goal for many years. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished and what it means for the future of those who are committed to delivering better patient care,” said Dr. Seth Wallack, DACVR, founder of Vetology® Innovations. “Without a doubt, AI will have a dramatic and positive effect on the entire veterinary industry.”
          With Vetology® AI, veterinarians will be able to upload an image and receive a written analysis in less than 90 seconds, allowing for more immediate decision making and consultation with pet owners.
            Key features of the Vetology® AI software include automated heart size evaluation and Vertebral Heart Score Calculations. Vetology® AI works autonomously, automatically uploading a clinic’s x-rays to the secure Vetology® cloud where the software intuitively determines the potential of cardiac problems based on heart size and the comparative size of the heart in relation to the vertebral body size of the patient.
              With chest x-rays being the most common screening test to look for lung infection, cancer or heart disease, the heart evaluation technology of Vetology® AI can be a very powerful resource for veterinarians.
                “The automated heart evaluation function of our AI technology is something we are excited about because without any input from a human, the software can immediately notify a veterinarian that further cardiac evaluation may be needed,” said Wallack. “This technology is not even being used in human medicine yet and will continue to improve with self-teaching.”
                  Vetology® AI includes image storage, unlimited automated heart size evaluations and automated Vertebral Heart Score calculations. Additionally, sign up is simple and can be completed online at This technology cost-effectively answers a rising unmet demand in the veterinary industry as more owner’s request, and progressive veterinary hospitals deliver, an advancing level of veterinary care.
                      About Vetology®
                        Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Vetology® provides innovative and emerging technology solutions for the veterinary community. The company serves over 2,000 veterinary hospitals worldwide and offers SAAS products that facilitate the highest quality of patient care and services.
                          For more information about Vetology® AI and the company’s products, visit or for other company products visit
                            Vetology® is a registered trademark of the Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego, Inc.

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